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I’m Jenni, the author of “Bumping Down Highways”.

In 2015, I had no experience with RV life, but I jumped in with both feet. When I say “No Experience,” I mean zip, zilch, nada, zero, NONE!

Still, I decided to trade board rooms for backroads and hit the road in an RV by myself. People thought I was crazy. Many said I couldn’t do it or shouldn’t do it.

I am here to tell you, no matter how crazy it may seem, you CAN DO ANYTHING!

Before the Journey

I climbed the corporate ladder at a large publicly traded company. Or maybe I snuck up the ladder, because it was rare that women had high level positions.

I started my own successful consulting company. More hours, more travel, more money. I had the “things” I thought represented success. I had the big house, the convertible Lexus, the forty-seven little black dresses, the designer hand bags and shoes. I led a “glamorous” life. Or so it appeared. I had polished my identity and felt like such a fraud.

My Home is Now an RV

When I was going to be temporarily displaced from my pretty little beach condo, I decided to take a road trip from Florida to Oregon. It was just me, my dogs and what would fit in my car.

I took my time seeing the country along the way. I fell in love with the simple life. When I came home, I bought a little camper, then upgraded to a 5th wheel and bought a truck to pull it.

I had no idea what I was doing, but I figured it out along the way.

Since I started, I have made three cross country trips, traveled up and down the west coast, and driven from Florida to Maine and back. I have been in some pretty crazy situations, but I am now an expert on EVERYTHING RV! My home is now a 40 foot Class A motorhome.

Trading my Prada heels for flip flops has been worth every minute!

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